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The hottest new app to hit the collaboration scene is Voxer.  Voxer is a new social media platform that incorporates text, pictures, and voice.  Voxer describes itself as a “walkie-talkie” app.  For those of us “old school” people, we quickly understand that notion.  It changes collaboration when you can hear the tone and inflection in a person’s voice.

The uses for this app are endless.  From connecting friends to discuss an upcoming event, to providing a collaborative spot for people from around the world to meet and discuss a topic, Voxer is quickly becoming a go-to app.

Oh, yes.  There is a Voxer Educators list.  (Here)

Website:  www.voxer.com (But this is primarily for their Business Platform)

Platform(s): iOS, Android

Cost:  Free and Pro ($2.99 per month or $29.99 yearly)

Pro Features:

  • Listen and record even when not on Voxer
  • Unlimited storage (Free accounts hold messages for 90 days)
  • Louder Notifications (Called Extreme Notifications)
  • Larger Group Chats
  • Ability to Edit your Username (Free accounts are assigned usernames.)
  • Premium Support





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