Evernote is more than a stand alone note taking app.  It is actually an entire environment.  I will be talking about the other portions of this community at a later time.  Today I just wanted to focus on the primary platform.  I was introduced to Evernote about 2 years ago.  Nicholas Provenzano (@TheNerdyTeacher) was using it in his classroom.  I was impressed and quickly began incorporating it into my daily activities.  I didn’t start with the premium account.  Not everyone will need the premium account. After a year, I chose to invest in Evernote. Now, I don’t know how I would live without it.

Because I have a wireless Mimio tablet (info) I was able to create Ink Notes.  I had a link to a shared notebook (Evernote’s File System) on my classroom website.  All I had to do was drag and drop any file from my computer into the Evernote folder and I had automatically updated my website.  By using Evernote on my classroom computer, I had my notes everywhere I went.  I could create bell ringers during lunch in the courtyard, and have them waiting for me when I arrived in class after lunch.

When I stepped up to the Premium version, I discovered that all notes (pdf’s and pictures included) could be searched!  What a valuable tool.  Now all those large pdf’s could easily be searched.  That alone made the Premium version worth it for me.

Website:  www.evernote.com

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows, Windows Touch, Mac

Cost:  Free and Premium ($45 per year)  (May purchase additional space at $5 per gB.)



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