Feedly is a recent addition to my app arsenal.  It is a blog reader.  It has changed the way I read blogs.  Now I have a way to keep up when the people I love to follow add a new post.  It becomes automatic.  It allows me to choose how I want to see the blogs in a list or in magazine style. There is a bookmark function that allows me to save any blog for later.  I can also categorize the blogs I read.  This allows me to separate the blogs into subjects. If I don’t want my professional blogs to mix in with my hobby blogs, I can just read the individual category.  I put Chat Archives in their own category.  I can now go back at my leisure and read through them without them popping up in my other professional readings.

There is an upgrade version.  The upgrade version allows you to connect Feedly to many other apps.  I see where this might be handy, but at this time the free app serves me well.  If you use the premium version, please feel free to comment.  We learn better together.

Website:  www.feedly.com

Platform:  iOS, Android, and is available on any browser.

Cost: Free version and Paid version ($5 per month or $45 per year)


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