Notability is one of those apps that you wonder if it is worth the money.  There is no free version of Notability.  It’s price ($4.99) makes you a little leary to just try it out.  I waited until a friend of mine started raving about it.  This has been one of the highest priced apps I have ever purchased.  I am pleased for the most part.  I love the fact that I can bring in pictures and pdf’s and write on top of them.  I also love that I can do a voice recording to go along with my writing.  I also love that I can easily switch between colors or between writing (with finger or stylus) and typing as needed.  I also love that I have different point sizes for the pencil.  There is also a highlighter function.

I have used this app in Faculty Meetings.  I snap a picture of the Agenda, write any notes I want on the agenda, and can e-mail it in pdf format to my school account to be filed later.  I have used it in Church much the same way with the bulletin.  It has truly helped me move towards reducing the amount of paper in my life.  For personal use, I find it very valuable.

One of the only drawbacks I’ve found is that when I send the voice recordings to someone without the app, the recipient will have to open the sound recording separately.

If you are using this in a 1-1 environment or with a few ipads in a class situation, having Notability could easily be worth it’s price.  In a BYOD environment, not having an Android version is a huge drawback.


Platform(s): iOS only

Cost: $4.99


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