Remind (Remind101)


Formerly Remind101, Remind is an awesome app for communicating with your students and parents. Remind provides for one directional communication. It is perfect for sending out mass notices. Over the years, Remind has listened to the educators and added many awesome features.  Remind is safe. You don’t give anyone your phone number. Remind provides a number for you to share with students, parents, and anyone that wants to keep up with your class. You don’t see their phone numbers. Remind controls the in-between. You can also create up to 10 classes per account. This is generally enough to handle most class loads. Each class can have an unlimited subscribers.

Remind now allows messages to have attachments! Now you can send pictures and files along with your messages. You can also message small groups. If you want to send a reminder to those students presenting the next day, now you can do it easily.  There is even an app that allows push notifications. That means that those students that rely on tablets or hand held devices other than smartphones can now also be included.

Tip: When you begin using Remind, you will want to send notices about everything. I urge you to take a moment and make a plan. Let everyone involved know how and why you use Remind. If you begin sending notices about daily activities, students and parents will rely on you to continue to do so.  I personally don’t send daily notices. I send notices about new units, emergency notices, test reviews, etc. I expect my students to manage their daily activities themselves.  Used wisely Remind will help students learn self reliance and time management.


Platform:  iOS, Android, and is available on any browser.

Cost: Free


One thought on “Remind (Remind101)

  1. I forgot to brag on their support staff. If you ever need anything with Remind, just let them know. They are super nice people that understand that teaching is important (ie stressful at times). They know how to make you feel appreciated and respected. They even have their own twitter handle (@RemindHelp)


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