Notability is one of those apps that you wonder if it is worth the money.  There is no free version of Notability.  It’s price ($4.99) makes you a little leary to just try it out.  I waited until a friend of mine started raving about it.  This has been one of the highest priced apps I have ever purchased.  I am pleased for the most part.  I love the fact that I can bring in pictures and pdf’s and write on top of them.  I also love that I can do a voice recording to go along with my writing.  I also love that I can easily switch between colors or between writing (with finger or stylus) and typing as needed.  I also love that I have different point sizes for the pencil.  There is also a highlighter function.

I have used this app in Faculty Meetings.  I snap a picture of the Agenda, write any notes I want on the agenda, and can e-mail it in pdf format to my school account to be filed later.  I have used it in Church much the same way with the bulletin.  It has truly helped me move towards reducing the amount of paper in my life.  For personal use, I find it very valuable.

One of the only drawbacks I’ve found is that when I send the voice recordings to someone without the app, the recipient will have to open the sound recording separately.

If you are using this in a 1-1 environment or with a few ipads in a class situation, having Notability could easily be worth it’s price.  In a BYOD environment, not having an Android version is a huge drawback.


Platform(s): iOS only

Cost: $4.99




Twitter is a social media platform that allows people from around the world to connect with 140 characters.  Some use Twitter to have a direct link to the celebrities of the day.  Others use Twitter to send out “anonymous” comments about various “injustices” in their lives.  Then there are educators.  Educators are a different bird all together.

Educators have come to discover Twitter for an entirely different reason — the connection to other educators.  Through the use of the hashtag (#) teachers from around the world can connect and discuss topics ranging from the simple to the complex.  Teachers from all levels meet on a common platform.  New teachers blend in with veterans.  Ideas are shared, discussed and saved for future reference.

Chats take place around the clock and around the world. If you can think of a topic, there is a chat for it.  Thanks to Jerry Blumengarten (@cybraryman1) and others there is a calendar of the chats.  You can find it here.


Platform(s):  iOS, Android, and others.  (Here)

Cost:  Free